Monday to Friday

Every woman’s working wardrobe.

Product Design | iOS App

What should I wear to work?

From Monday to Friday, you might struggle like me wondering what you could wear to work, to look professional but also being creative, elegant, and show your personality. Monday to Friday is an Ecommerce application which selects all possible women business attires from various brands, match them based on different office styles, present them according to your needs. It provides a solution to business women who are not satisfied with the status quo and look for inspirations or a change.

The Solutions



With “Featured” section, users could learn the fashion designer’s picks for the season or special occasions.

Product Details


When users know what to shop, they can go to “Shop” directly and search for the items they need.


For users look for inspirations, they could also browse our fashion blogs for ideas on business formal, casual, special events and others.

Shopping Bag & Returning User Checkout

They can also check their “My Bag” when they are about to check out.

Checkout - New User

Checkout - Add a Card

Checkout - Billing and Shipping Address


Design Process

Users Personas

User Journey Maps

Solution Brainstorming

App Info Architecture

Sketches and Wireframes


In designing Monday to Friday iOS application, I had a chance to study numerous E-commerce applications, as well as to interview many working professional women and got to know their needs and wants. Thus, I tried to view each page of my app design with their eyes, and see if my design makes their voices and echoes their modern living styles.

As a result, I collected all relevant brands in one app to save their time. I included scenario shopping for a quick solution so users could see how different items match together. I used full length pictures to mediate the limited mobile screens. I allowed users to take credit card pictures to quickly collect card information rather than typing it, and so on. I hope these design solutions and details could add on their pleasant shopping experiences after a long and hard-working day.

However, I know there is still so much to improve on this app if time or resources allowed. For next steps, I hope to strengthen users’ loyalty by adding more rewards, email subscriptions, app notifications, and build connections with social media. Also, I hope to further the searching function so users could more effectively and efficiently narrow down their searching options and find the items they need.

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