Bit Tiger Website Redesign

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About The Client

BitTiger is a project-based education site helping software engineers stay up-to-date on the latest technology through hands on practice.

The Requirement

Redesign their online learning website with specific business goals as shown below.

The Marketing Landing Page:

  1. Introduce course categories to users
  2. Guide users to browse courses or programs
  3. Explain what services BitTiger provides
  4. Increase BitTiger course sign up rate
  5. Help build BitTiger’s credibility

Course Catogory Page:

  1. Under each category, users should be able to easily browse the upcoming courses
  2. View course details and descriptions
  3. Select courses they want to learn and continue to sign up for trial lesson or sign up the course

Course Details Page:

  1. Introduce major information for users in order to decide if it is the right course to take. Information includes: course objectives, content, syllabus, instructors, duration, tuition, frequency, resources, intensity, and so on.
  2. Help users sign up the trial lesson, and eventually purchase the course

Solution Discovery Process

In the redesign process, I interviewed many target users from BitTiger Wechat group and collected valuable information and suggestions. Based on the infomation, I consolidated the users into 3 key personas.

The Solution

Based on lots of personas and research, I mainly applied the following solutions in the new design:

  1. Strengthen the business goal of marketing page and the inner pages. Guide users to browse courses, sign up trial lesson, and leave their contact information
  2. Simplify navigation tab and make it straightforward and intuitive
  3. Build BitTiger credibility and brand awareness as an online learning platform

Final Results

Sketches & Wireframes


Marketing Landing Page

Browse Courses for Design

Course Details


In user testing, many users confirmed that the new website is clearer, more informative, organized, and much more user friendly. They could easily find what BitTiger does, course categories, and each course descriptions. Thus, the redesigned web increased their trust to BitTiger platform and they are more willing to sign up courses on the platform. If given more time and engineering capacity, I hope to add a powerful searching feature to all three pages, so users could look for courses or search by categories easily.

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